Accent Modification

Accent modification training can help individuals learn to systematically produce clearer, more confident, easier-to-understand pronunciation of American English.


Successful training has lead to individuals communicating more effectively and experiencing greater ease when speaking. 


The Institute of Language and Phonology proudly reports that most clients experience a measurable 60-80% reduction in their accent following a 13-week training interval. 


The process begins with an assessment and analysis to reveal which sounds are the root cause of the accent. The training process follows the evaluation and entails a 13-week journey of weekly sessions with a consultant as well as daily practice assignments for the target sounds. 


Following their 13 week process, clients have the opportunity to complete additional training intervals.


Sessions can be online or on-site to best support even the busiest schedule.


Sessions can be individual or group.


Clients have permanent access to their online materials and the resources utilized during the training process. 




More information about accent modification is available at: .

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