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I am a Speech-Language Pathologist specialized in the area of selective mutism. I am passionate about helping individuals to communicate effectively. For young children, I am a brave voice helper, for teens and young adults, I am a voice coach.


I provide a variety of selective mutism supports for school teams, as well as for families, across NH, MA, ME, and VT. The National Institute for Health recognizes anxiety as the fastest growing disability around the world. This leads to an ever increasing number of children with selective mutism in need of help to find their brave voices. 

Selective Mutism Evaluations

I provide comprehensive SM evaluations for individuals ages 30 months - 25 years of age.

My evaluations are strengths-based and explore the areas of speech inhibition, mood, anxiety and social communication. 

Selective Mutism Trainings

I offer a variety of trainings to help empower and educate school teams in the area of selective mutism. Education and awareness can greatly help schools to promote communication and inclusivity for students with SM.

School-Based Support for SM

I offer a variety of customizable services to help school teams systematically bring a child through the stages of confident speaking while also promoting inclusivity and participation in the classroom.

Selective Mutism Family Support

My role when working directly with an individual is to systematically bring the child/young adult through the stages of confident speaking and then generalize their voice across listeners and settings.